Minggu, 25 April 2010

Announcement of Assets Donation

International, an international non-profit development organization, has been
working in Pariaman,West Sumatra to build temporary shelters, Cash for Work and
DRR for families who were affected by the earthquake since October 2009 till
April 2010. As CHF International now reduces and closes projects, we would like
to assist local organizations and International and National NGOs based in
Padang and Pariaman by donating asset/material that CHF International no longer

Please note that individuals,
commercial and profit oriented companies/organizations and political parties
and/or organizations/institutions associated with them are NOT eligible to

CHF international wishes to
have a transparent process for asset/material donation while ensuring that the
material is put to the most effective use and most in line with CHF
International mission and programming principles. If your organisation would
like to be considered for donation of CHF international’s assets/materials
please submit your request letter. Electronically you may send it to : BUILT@chfindonesia.org

Please put :

1.Name of Organisation
2.Type of Organisation (tick only one):
oCBO oLocal NGO oInternational NGO oOrphanage oOther
3. Address
4. Contact Person, Email:
5. Date of Registration with Notary
Public/Government Office/
6. Registration/Licence Number: (Please attach
copy of Registration Letter)
7. Organization’s profile or description.

CHF International’s senior management will make the
final decision on the assets/material donation and the results will be posted
at the CHF International Office :
Alamsyah number 46i
W. Sumatra

Letter/ application should be submitted at the latest : April 26th . 5.00

CHF International reserves the right to accept
or reject any or all applications without the obligation to give any reason and
explanation for the decision.Requestor are willing to provide information to CHF
International it may require for completing & considering your request/application.

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